2021-22 Event Sign-ups

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Many of our events and activities need volunteers to assist but we are waiting to see when we can have volunteers back on our campus.

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Some of the ongoing needs we have for volunteers include the following opportunities. We will communicate to our families when given the go-ahead to open our campus to parent volunteers. Some of the areas of great need for help are...

* Walking Program (7:45- 8:15 AM each morning on the hard courts
* Library Support (7:45- 8:15 AM and 2:45- 3:30 PM, Tues-Fri)
* PTA (start small with an event sign-up. Many volunteer roles exist and there's an opportunity for all)
* Classroom support- contact the classroom teacher for more information

Once we are able to open the process of scheduling a school-wide or grade level event again, we will send out an email with a "Sign-Up Genius" link. Please ensure that your email is current in our database (Aeries parent portal).

Simply follow the prompts. You will get a reminder email a few days prior to the event.