The heritage of our new elementary school dates back more than a century ago. In 1892, Grapeland School District was opened amongst the grape vineyards of the time. In 1901, Grapeland School District and the Perdew School District merged with the Etiwanda School District. The old Grapeland School House had a school bell, which was rung for school. The bell was stolen and hid in the brush for two years. When it was found, it was brought to the San Sevaine Ranch. It was mounted so that it could be used.

One of the best remembered times when it was rung was when Japan surrendered during World War II. A lady on the ranch heard the news on the radio, and since her nephew was on one of the Pacific Islands, she rang it for at least thirty minutes. The bell then somehow vanished soon after that.

Upon the building of our new elementary school, the bell was found by long-time Etiwanda School District Board Member David Long and was the last construction piece installed for the schools dedication May 30th, 2003. Indeed, our new elementary school is filled with a rich tradition of our community. With that said, our heritage will continue with our new school, Grapeland Elementary, which began it's 1st year in September, 2002. Below is a picture of the construction, prior to the opening of the school in September, 2002.

(Etiwanda, Young & Old, compiled and edited by Mrs. White's 1977-78 Sixth Grade Class)