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Mrs. Garibay

"The world needs different kinds of minds to work together." - Dr. Temple Grandin

A gentle mindset of "just make a mark and see where it takes you" focuses on the abilities a student possess, not the absence of talent or skill. Imagine extending everyone the grace to develop our talents, rather than dwell on our difficulties.

We, as teachers, need to develop the capacity to imagine things differently…Imagine an educational approach that recognized treating people equitably means we have to treat them differently, not the same. Imagine if we allowed students to develop their talents rather than concentrating on their difficulties. Imagine if we were able to exclude fear from students rather than exclude the student. Imagine that we really valued difference and cared about enabling people to be the best they could become and did not place such a high value on conformity. Wouldn’t such an approach be one in which all could flourish? Understanding and getting it right for all students is my priority and improving the quality of education for diverse learners means improving the quality of my instruction to grow and change along with each students course.

I look forward to working as a team to support your student! Let's help them make a mark together!

Tamara Garibay
Education Specialist
4th and 5th Grade Specialized Academic Instruction

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Homework Assignments

An Opportunity to Practice, Practice, Practice...
Homework will be assigned to students based on particular skills they are working toward mastering.   A parent is a child's first and foremost important teacher. Homework is a committed time to experience firsthand what is being taught at an individual level, as well as grade level standards in support of your student's overall academic achievement.

Etiwanda Student Planner
The Student Planners will be updated by your student in class daily to reflect current homework assignments in all subject areas.  The planner is an organization and communication tool to assist with academic goal monitoring, homework updates, and important events.  

Homework Policy
All homework will be suitable for students to complete independently.  However, homework is a  promise that some academic work is being monitored between you and your student.  Share in the excitement of their academic growth!  These students are amazing!